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oops it?s 17-6 and also that?s game! the battle of PA officially goes to PITT

miss alicia reuscher queen of the 315 and our hearts scores 17-5

PSU gets one back 16-6 #sadpanther

shoutout to all the dads and shoutout to bby grl meg for that huge high save i see you

sister sammy SNAPPED 16-5 off a sister saucy 8m #sister

queen P makes it running clock i am so happy so proud

can you tell that we?ve been working on bounce passes at practice?? i can #practicehowyouplay #werk

AND SHE DOES IT AGAIN. kierin putting the fre$h in freshman oooh baby 14-5

kierin with her signature ratliff rrrip!! i?ve been on the other end of that folks it is a sight to see 13-5 good guys

alicia receiving some sage coaching

liz doing what she does best: controlling draws. i love her very much

12-5 other guys

PSU gets one off 12-4

goalie swap. KT signing in. game is back on.

Penn State takes a time-out with 21 minutes left in the game. WE ARE up 12-3