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Pitt was not to be denied ? not by Delaware, nor by Mother Nature. The Panthers capped a perfect season with a 15-11 win over the Blue Hens in the @USLacrosse WCLA Division I championship game that included a two-hour weather delay in Virginia Beach: ?


It?s been a wild ride keeping you all updated for the season, much love to all of our followers. Signing off for a hot minute xoxo love, Meg Farrell, class of 2019. A national champion

Panthers went 19-0 in the 2019 season, you got that right! Thank you to coaches Twiggy, Devon and Wilk!

YOUR PITT PANTHERS ARE 2019 NATIONAL CHAMPIONS Pitt defeats the Delaware Blue Hens with a score of 15-11!!!!!!

15-11 score. Panthers up


1 minute left in the championship

Took someone else out not goalie obv

Yellow card on Delaware goalie

SHE HAS 6 GOALS! HER NAME IS ALLISON MACRAE!!!!! It?s 14-11 and there is 1:56 left in the

2:45 left in the game. Panthers have possession

MEG LYNCH TO AL MACRAE!!!! That is FIVE goals for the kid today. 14-11!!!!! 3:24 left. I LOVE YOU AL.