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Scrimmages done and now we start the fun!

Feb. 11, 2019

The team has finished all 5 of its preseason scrimmages over the past two weekends and have shown great promise and growth as we prepare for the start of the season.

Following a second Sunday of games against local NCAA competition the Pittsburgh Women's Lacrosse team is poised and ready to kick their season off on Friday Feb 15th against Santa Clara University at UCLA's intramural fields. Pitt will be the only team that weekend starting their season while the other teams all have a few games under their belts in the WCLA. Santa Clara is currently 3-1 with wins over Cal Poly, UC Davis, and UCSB and their lone loss so far coming from UCLA. UCLA is 3-0 with wins over Santa Clara, UC Berkeley, and Arizona State. Georgia is 4-0 with wins over Clemson, Auburn, Georgia Tech and Tennessee. Cal Poly is 3-1 with wins over Berkeley, Grand Canyon, and UCSB and their sole loss coming from Santa Clara. Should be a great weekend of highly competitive games with each team fighting for ground in the initial poll of the season which should come out late February. 

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