Pittsburgh Women's Lacrosse


Kevin Tidgewell

Head Coach




Kevin grew up in southern California and played four years at Mercyhurst College (now University) in Erie, PA where he was a Captain his Senior year and the team made an NCAA D2 Semi-Final that same year. He spent 4 years coaching the University of Iowa Men's Lacrosse team during grad school. He is currently an Associate Professor at Duquesne University and has been helping coach the University of Pittsburgh Women's Team for 5 years. He first became involved with coaching Defense and Goalies during the 2014 National Championship season and then during the 2017 season switched over to the offensive side. The 2019 season was his first as the head coach but the team had an 86-19 record while he was an Assistant under former head coach Gary Neft.

In 2019, the team went undefeated winning the WCLA Division 1 National Championship. The team had 1 First Team All-American (Jules Lynch-D), 4 Second Team All-Americans (Emily Nutter-D; Katie Honebrink-G; Liz Maisch-M; Kierin Ratliff-A), and 3 Academic All-Americans (Jules Lynch, Meg Lynch, Bethany Dubick). 



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